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I am a freelance musician based in London, and I started studying guitar with the help of my uncle, a music teacher when I was 11. 
At the age of 14, I then decided to study classical guitar at my local Conservatory of Music in Italy. During these formative years, I also took private lessons in jazz guitar and rock which mainly fuelled my passion for modern styles.
Nowadays, I enjoy the versatility and creativity of working across a wide range of musical genres, from pop, soul, and funk to acoustic and rock. I performed live with original artists and cover/function bands. I have experience in studio recording, teaching, songwriting and as a transcriber.
I have worked with some superb musicians and performed for various events and venues in London and surrounding areas. I work with a network of musicians – a combination of session work and live performances. Gibson Les Paul Standard, Charvel MJ, Taylor 614ce and Cordoba C5-CET are my go-to gear to give me the versatility to cater to a broad range of styles and genres as needed. My style is a mixture of genres like rock, soul, funk, RnB and fingerstyle. 


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