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I am available for lessons in guitar and music theory, and I cater to beginners as well as those at the intermediate level and beyond.

My lessons are a combination of practice and theory so you will not only learn how to play a chord or a song, but you will also understand how chords and scales work together.

I am experienced in teaching children and adults, privately and in schools.

I can also help you to prepare for grade examinations. To keep you from getting bored, I strive to make my lessons fun and interactive with bespoke studying materials, which are personalized to fit your needs. Whether you have recently picked up a guitar, are on a more advanced level or need more inspiration and motivation to develop your existing skills. I love teaching, and my greatest reward is to hear you play great music and see you achieve your goals!

Current rates:

£40 - 1 hour single lesson

Block of one-hour lessons:

£190 - block of 5 one-hour lessons at my place

£215 - block of 5 one-hour lessons at your place

£370 - block of 10 one-hour lessons at my place

£420 - block of 10 one-hour lessons at your place


£25 - 30 minutes single lesson

£115 - block of 5 thirty-minute lessons at my place 

£140 - block of 5 thirty-minute lessons at your place

£230 - block of 10 thirty-minute lessons at my place 

£280 - block of 10 thirty-minute lessons at your place


Additional Information: 

  • Online (Zoom or Skype) or in-person classes (London only) are available. I also offer discounts for bookings of 5 or more lessons.

  • It is an extra £5-10 approx if the lesson is conducted at your house (depending on the distance I travel).

  • Enhanced DBS checked.

  • Cancellation policy - at least 24h before the start of the lesson. 


If you would like to purchase a class, please contact me via the contact section below with your availability so we can arrange a time slot. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


Filippo is a great teacher who I would recommend to anyone. Having been someone with some guitar experience but never having a lesson, he has helped me improve immensely just within a few lessons. He has taught me new techniques and helped me understand the music theory side.

Jake M


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